GamerGate: The Game!

A fantasy card game about ethics in games journalism for 2-3 players.

You’ve followed the hit hashtag, and now GAMERGATE has a game of its own! When you crack open this deck at your next party, it’ll cause a scandal! You can call it GamerGate GameGate!

Which hero of GamerGate will reign supreme? Meet the characters!


Christina Hoff Sommers

Class: Fallacy Wizard

The gentle, maternal face of GamerGate uses her mysterious, hypnotic powers to present anti-feminist ideas as feminism. A feminist who is exclusively concerned with men’s rights issues. Kinda like a socialist who believes in small government and minimal social security.



FALSE EQUIVALENCE: Confuse your opponent with a bombardment of fallacious arguments and ad hominims, then declare yourself the victor before they respond. “There is no misogyny problem in gaming because these reports show games don’t cause violence!” Opponent misses one turn.

FIRST WAVE: Invent a new form of feminism and declare yourself the only real feminist and everyone else in your field is wrong. Recover 20 HP.

DEFLECT CRITICISM: Ignore criticism of your position. Simply find a higher platform and repeat the same argument more loudly. You are immune to damage for one turn.


Mike Cernovich

Class: Character Assassin

Bodybuilder, entrepreneur, lawyer, genius. Cernovich knows that what cannot be won in court can be won with fists. He has the ability to harness the powers of the mighty gorilla, mastering the gorilla’s unique ability to get girls and win lawsuits. He will punch the ethics back into games journalism with manly fury.



LITIGATE: Bombard your opponent with frivolous lawsuits. Attack is ineffective against Eron Gjoni. Opponent misses 2 turns.

STALK: Hire a private detective to harass your opponent. Opponent loses 10 HP per turn for three turns.

GORILLA MINDSET: Mike cured his mental illness with the power of juice. Take your health to the next level. Recover 20 HP.


Milo Yiannopoulos

Class: Hack Knight

The exceedingly based mouthpiece of GamerGate in the mainstream media. Milo is honest, unbiased and objective, and only seeks to report the truth. If it looks like he has an extreme right-wing bias, it’s only because radical conservatism is objectively correct. As GamerGate’s “man on the inside,” he knows how to sniff out corruption in journalism, of which none exists at the fair and balanced news site Breitbart.



BACKPEDAL: Renounce your formerly held opinion that gamers are pathetic losers responsible for all the violence in the world. Become suddenly passionate about fixing the problems in games journalism for reasons that have nothing to do with feminism and everything to do with your new love of gaming. Recover 20 HP.

SMEAR: Talk smack about your interviewee on other news shows in the name of fair and balanced journalism. Opponent loses 30 HP.

GAY DEFENSE: You are a gay man, which makes you immune to accusations of misogyny or transphobia. You are immune to damage for one turn.


Davis Aurini

Class: Ego Demon

Suave and sophisticated, dark and mysterious. Davis Aurini is Anton LaVey in a Bond villain suit, and with a flick of his zippo lighter and an ice cube in his scotch, he has some things to tell you about women and black people. It may be about ethics in games journalism, but it’s also all about him. But are we laughing with him, or are we laughing at him?



DARK ENLIGHTENMENT: Demolish democracy and establish a new feudal monarchy with yourself as philosopher king. Women are no longer having gangbangs every weekend and are now all having sex with you instead. Recover 30 HP.

FALSE PRETENSE: Coin a phrase you think sounds literary and intellectual like “the most decadent sluts since the fall of the Roman Empire,” but which is actually so trite and hackish that your opponent takes damage out of embarrassment for you. Opponent loses 20 HP.

SOCK PUPPET: Unleash your demonic pet Jordan Owen to assault your opponent when you get too drunk to think properly. Opponent loses 10 HP and you gain an extra turn.


Internet Aristocrat

Class: Basement Goblin

Armed only with Google and a microphone, the Aristocrat stumbled upon the vagina conspiracy that secretly rules the gaming world – every woman with a notable position or platform in gaming used sexual favors to enter the industry and puppeteer the men into destroying the games industry from the inside. He continues to dutifully investigate elements of this conspiracy to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes. But who is really behind it all? Could it be DARPA?



JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS: Make assumptions about collusion between indie game developers and journalists, then make assumptions based on those assumptions. When the initial assumptions are proven false, do not return to the drawing board, you’re on too much of a roll here. Get 2 free turns.

ECHO CHAMBER: Ramble ineffectually about the state of everything in podcasts with like-minded individuals. Their reinforcement gives strength to your position. Recover 20 HP.

YELL: When faced with opposition, get louder and angrier. The more passionate you are about your opinions, the truer they are. You are immune to damage for one turn.


Roosh V

Class: Sexual Renegade

Roosh is a controversial figure in GamerGate. His open and proud hatred of both women and gamers makes many wonder if he is an ally or an enemy. Though his personal axe to grind against feminists makes him toxic to the image that actually this is about ethics in games journalism, his dirty tactics may prove useful if kept on the down-low. The only question is, how do they keep the monster from biting his masters?



RED PILL: While infiltrating the hive of beta males that is GamerGate, subtly indoctrinate them into the manosphere. While the movement as a whole may lose credibility, you alone become stronger. Recover 30 HP.

MAN GOING HIS OWN WAY: When GamerGaters implore you to stop openly connecting yourself to the movement, agree to their terms but then keep doing it anyway. What are these neckbearded betas going to do about it? Get 2 free turns.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Your pet Matt Forney knows how to beat women and get away with it. Unleash the beast and just straight slap the feminism out of your opponent with an open backhand. Opponent loses 40 HP.


Eron Gjoni

Class: Emotional vampire

In a case that will be studied by psychology theorists for decades, Eron Gjoni responded to fairly run-of-the-mill relationship problems by inciting an entire subculture to publically destroy his ex-girlfriend in a domestic spat disguised as a wide-scale consumer revolt. Just kidding – actually, this is about ethics in games journalism.



OBSESS: If your personality cult starts to divide its focus, use your influence to steer it back to attacking your opponent until they are literally run out of the country, and then keep attacking. Your opponent loses 10 HP per turn for 3 turns. Also, you recover 10 HP because after all you are the victim here.

CONTEMPT: Ignore court orders attempting to put a stop to your harassment, because after all you are the victim here. Get 2 free turns. This also cancels the LITIGATE attack.

DOUBLE STANDARD: Use GamerGate to crowdfund for your legal fees, while questioning the ethics of your opponent doing the same. You recover 20 HP.


Suck My Dick

Class: Bottom Feeder

“He’s an asshole… but he’s our asshole.”



DOXX: Publically reveal the personal information of your opponent to leave them open to attacks by others. The next attack on your opponent deals double damage.

DEATH THREAT: Inform your opponent that you are going to murder them and rape their entire family. Continue until they are run out of their home and afraid to appear in public. Opponent misses 2 turns.

TORRENT OF ABUSE: Spam sexist and racial slurs on 8chan until the troll army is whipped into a frenzy of hatred. Get 2 free turns.